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tis was so gud i hope u mak moer of this 5 stras ya

"I didn't like the concept"

I've seen that a few times below, and I will be honest, like it or not, it's what it is. The Starfox series is in all, a dead series. From this, to the Guilty Gear series, to even the Megaman series in some cases, I guess its something a major company doesn't necessarily believe it will do well in future installments. And I DON'T mean HD remakes or any of that shit. I mean I full, brand new title(s).

I think the concept sticks very true to its statement(atleast in my interpretation); it's just a rotting franchise that's just going to be left behind in history.

4TAKEN responds:

Sorry for my lack of attention but i didn't understand your point, you said you didn't like it, but your opinion is the same as ours, and the concept sticks well to the animation... sorry i'm a bit lost >,o

The only criticism I have is that animation was a little under-par and the screaming needs to be toned down. It's definitely out of place and not equalized with the rest of the voices/sounds.
But other than that, its short, sweet, and gets to the point. Not my kind of humor, but I see what kind of people your aiming for, which is just fine.

Anyway good job.

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Excution was there, but the presentation wasn't. I suggest finding your own style; staying away from the inept 15 year old Egorap-clones.
I would've appreciated it more if there was a hint of originality and/or a style that I can say "Oh, thats Screwit" and vice versa.

This was soooooo original.


I don't think this should of been on the front page.
In the other hand, this is a lot better than most of the awful flash movies lately.
The art needs to improved on. Like I said, a lot better than most, but not the best in your capability.
The angles and everything was fine, but too shaky. Too much was going on and I could barely make out what was there.

If you think I'm downing this video, your greatly mistaken. I believe you've could of done a lot better, as an animator. And instead of giving you a 10 like all of these half-idiots, I'm gonna give you a 5/10 with constructive criticism.
Basically I'm saying is, it wasn't bad, or wasn't that great. You are heading into the right track though, so I can't wait until your next animation,

Tyrant-D responds:

So so so bias.. I know if this shitty flash was a comedy/slash!!/parody you'll be like "Oh THIS DEFINENTLY DESERVES FRONT-PAGE YAY!"

And why are people half-idiots for giving this a 10? just why? I'm sure everyone don't have the same expectations as you right? trust me darkshadow there are MANY here like you absolutely trashing me for the smallest of mistakes.

Utter Crap

This was a piece of shit video.
The animation was like a 13 year old did this.
The fighting scene was TERRIBLE. I don't even understand how ANYONE could enjoy this or even appreciate this at all, for as a matter a fact, give it a rating.
None of the funny parts were even remotely funny.
And how the fuck did he know how to fucking talk and use a gun if he was in there for fucking ALL HIS LIFE!?

This video deserves a 0/5

And im sorry that I have an opinion.

Khris responds:

we should be friends ^-^

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